10 Creative Industries That Bring Benefits to Indonesia’s Economy


10 Creative Industries That Bring Benefits to Indonesia’s Economy

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Today’s creative industries seem to be increasingly developing along with the times. Various collections of all economic activities are indeed increasingly developing, including in the country. Many people, especially millennials who carry out various activities in order to produce and exploit their creative power. So it is not surprising that more and more creative innovations in various sectors are now found. It seems that today’s generation does not miss to always utilize their creativity and skills and talents to create something new. In the end, the presence of the creative industries is expected to always contribute both to the wider community and to the country.

Creative Industry Sector
There are several sectors that can be considered as part of the creative industry. These sectors include the following:

Advertising which includes all creative activities related to advertising services. For example, such as advertisements in print and the installation of various posters. This also includes the distribution of brochures and pamphlets and the like.
Architecture which is a creative activity related to building design services and construction cost planning. Usually in the field often found the existence of garden architecture and interior design. The service is also included in the architecture sector.

Art market is related to all trading activities of various art items which are usually unique and interesting. Some rare items are even traded. For example selling paintings or maybe selling various kinds of handicrafts and fine arts.
Crafts generally relate to the process of creation and production and distribution of a product. Usually these products are produced by craftsmen starting from the product design process to the manufacturing process and its completion. Craft products are usually produced in relatively limited quantities.
Design generally includes graphic design and interior design. There are also product designs and industrial designs. Design activities also include consulting corporate identity as well as packaging or packaging production services and marketing research services.
Fashion is certainly preferred by many consumers. This includes fashion designs and other fashion accessories designs. The fashion sector also includes consulting services for fashion products and the distribution of fashion products themselves.
Photography and video related to the creation of video and film production. In addition, this sector is also related to the existence of photography services which are currently increasingly in demand by the public. This activity is also related to artistic and sound systems and the like.
Interactive games that are generally associated with all things that are entertainment and dexterity and education. In this case the interactive game not only functions as mere entertainment but also functions as an educational learning aid.
Music which of course covers all matters relating to tone and rhythm. For example, such as composition and performance and sound recording. In addition this sector also includes the distribution of sound recordings.
Performing arts for example such as dance performances both traditional and contemporary as well as ballet. Traditional drama and music performances are also part of the performing arts. Stage and lighting arrangements are also included in this sector.


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