Benefits of Creative Economy


Benefits of Creative Economy

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The development of the creative economy can also provide quite extensive benefits, both for the community and for the country’s economy. These benefits include:

1. Open employment

The creations and innovations that you create in the economic field will certainly have an indirect positive impact on society. Because with this creativity you can create an employment that can be useful for others. A job can indeed be created because of the creative ideas of entrepreneurs.

2. Reducing unemployment

With the jobs you create, it means unemployment will decrease. The new available jobs will certainly become fields for the community to be able to develop their skills and abilities by becoming workers. New jobs that absorb labor will ultimately reduce the amount of unemployment in the country.

3. Creating a creative society

Every person who works at a company will certainly develop their expertise and skills and abilities. Of course everyone who works will become more creative. Because every person who is a worker will be demanded to continue to work as well as to achieve. Thus the workers will be increasingly trained and accustomed to develop their creativity.

4. Increase innovation

Not only creativity can be developed by a worker. But a worker can also increase his innovation. Increased innovation seems to apply not only to workers but also to employers who have created jobs. A company or employment must certainly be run with various innovations in it so that it can further develop.

5. Enter a competition

With job creation, you must continue to innovate creatively so that your company can survive. You can also compete with a healthy course, accompanied by a variety of creative ideas. The creation of new jobs that generate creative economy in the country shows that there is healthy competition for all business people in the country.

Types of Creative Economy Development
If explored further there are actually various types of creative economy that seems to be growing now. One of them is the use of media to improve the marketing process of products and services produced. Even now the marketing process can also be done through social media that is very familiar among the people. Another type of architecture is for example the existence of a minimalist room design that is very suitable to be applied in the current era. There is also a culinary that seems to develop quickly so that the presentation looks more unique and interesting. Handicraft is now also growing as well as culinary. Apparently the various products produced can now attract an ever increasing amount of market demand.


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