Benefits of Creative Industries


Benefits of Creative Industries

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Publishing and printing include publishing books and journals and the like. This sector also includes content writing and digital content. Various printed materials and the issuance of stamps and stamps are actually also part of this sector.
Computers and software related to information technology development activities. This includes computer services and database development as well as architectural design and software infrastructure.
Television and radio-related to television and radio shows. For example, such as reality shows and games or even infotainment that appears on television. This sector includes broadcasting and radio broadcasting.
Research and development related to all innovative efforts that contain the discovery and application of imu and technology in it. The use of new technology to meet human needs is indeed growing rapidly at this time and this is one form of development in the field of research and development.
Culinary including a new sector but is growing very rapidly in today’s society. The development of special foods from various regions in the country is also a mainstay for the culinary sector.

By implementing a creative industry business, of course, there are many benefits that can be obtained. Many may not know it clearly yet but in broad outline the following benefits from the existence of these types of industries.

1. Open employment

The development of various ideas and innovations seems to increase to bring up many entrepreneurs or business people who open new jobs. The number of employment opportunities can certainly reduce the amount of unemployment in the country. New jobs that absorb a lot of workforces have indeed become a kind of solution for the wider community, especially those dealing with poverty.

2. Developing HR potential

Not felt that this era is entering millennial era with the characteristic of an increasingly creative society. The creation of various kinds of products and services enlivens the world of commerce. These diverse production results reflect the talents and expertise and skills possessed by everyone. This is enough to show that the potential of human resources is currently growing well.

3. Improving the people’s economy

The existence of a growing creative industry in this country actually has a positive impact on the people’s economy. With a variety of new businesses, the people’s economy will increase. The improvement in the people’s economy is indicated by the reduction in unemployment and increased welfare of people’s lives.


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