The Development of Creative Economy and Its Various Benefits in Indonesia


The Development of Creative Economy and Its Various Benefits in Indonesia

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The development of the creative economy seems increasingly skyrocketed in our homeland. This can be seen from the increasing number of new businesses filled with a variety of new ideas that are innovative. Of course, this can have a positive impact on the motherland including the increasing economic growth in our country. So it is not surprising that more and more individual creativity is developed so that it can ultimately support increased economic growth. The creative economy itself is actually an economic concept that developed in the new economic era as it is today. It takes an idea and knowledge from qualified human resources in order to succeed in the creative industries.

Characteristics of the Creative Economy
Basically, the development of the creative economy has several characteristics. The salient features include the following:

1. Intellectual creation

Basically, an intellectual creation produces several things. Some of these include creativity and expertise and talent. The existence of creativity and expertise and expertise actually has a high selling value. Therefore both creativity and expertise and also this talent need to be improved as much as possible.

2. Easily replaced

Generally, various products produced by a company have a fairly short life cycle. The various products created are indeed easy to imitate, making them easier to replace. Therefore, innovation and creativity need to be developed so that other products are always created that can also be accepted by the market and beneficial to consumers.

3. Direct and indirect supply

Products produced by a company certainly aim to be marketed to consumers or customers. In this case the products produced can be marketed directly to consumers or customers. Or the creative products that have been produced can also be marketed indirectly, through all things related to consumers and customers.

4. Need cooperation

In a creative industry a cooperative relationship is needed that is well established between various parties concerned with the creative industry. Various parties related to the creative industries, among others, such as entrepreneurs and governments that govern the policy. Cooperation from intellectuals is also needed to help the process of developing creative industries.

5. Based on ideas

The existence of ideas or ideas is certainly very necessary, especially in terms of the development of the creative industries. Everything related to creativity will always be associated with creative and innovative ideas. Therefore the creation of new products in a company is usually done based on new ideas.

6. Not limited

The creation of creative new products usually contributes to the development of the industry. The resulting product is expected to be accepted by the market and can be useful. Even the products created are expected to be used unlimitedly. Its use can be done in various business fields in the country.


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