The difference in Facilities and Infrastructure


The difference in Facilities and Infrastructure

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Of course, there are various kinds of facilities and infrastructure that are generally used. The differences include the following:

1. Differences based on shape.

The shape of the facilities is generally smaller when compared to infrastructure. So a means can be moved more easily because of its smaller shape. Sometimes the means can move so that the object can move from one place to another. Another case with infrastructure that has a larger form. Of course, its large shape makes it unable to be moved more easily. Therefore, it tends to stay somewhere.

2. Difference based on ownership.

If viewed in terms of ownership, you can clearly see the difference between the two things being compared. A means can actually be owned by every individual. This means that everyone can have it both individuals and groups. So you can freely use these facilities in an activity. While infrastructure is actually a supporting tool that can support a facility. Infrastructure can not only be used for one type of purpose but can also be used for other activities related to its function.

3. Difference based on function.

A means certainly has a main function in a certain activity. Means can be ascertained as the main part so that an activity is carried out or carried out using objects that become facilities. If there are no such facilities, then not necessarily an activity can be held. While infrastructure functions more as a supporter of activities. Its existence also serves to support the facilities so that activities can run better. However both facilities and infrastructure are functioning well.

4. Differences based on procurement financing.

A facility is usually held at a cost sourced from the organizer or organizer of the activity. It could also be the source of costs obtained from people or participants who participated in the activity. While infrastructure is usually funded by the government because it is procured from the state budget. Not only that, but the source of financing also generally comes from taxpayers.

Maintenance of Facilities and Infrastructure
Every available facility and infrastructure is certainly very beneficial for both individuals and groups. Do not rule out the possibility that these objects are also useful for the wider community. Therefore maintenance must be held in various appropriate ways. This maintenance is carried out with the aim of maintaining all available facilities and infrastructure so that it stays durable and is not damaged. With good conditions, of course you can use these objects for various activities.

Maintenance can be done periodically so that the goods can be controlled or checked. With regular maintenance, damage can be avoided. Actual maintenance also includes storage activities. So storage of every available facility and all supporting infrastructure needs to be done well. With good storage, objects can avoid damage and are not easily lost.

In addition, storage must also be done neatly so that the goods are easier to clean. Neat storage can also prevent all items from damage. Thus the maintenance of all items both facilities and infrastructure is very important and must be done carefully. Appropriate maintenance actions can certainly make the items you need can be used or used at any time and can function properly so that your needs can be met without any obstacles.


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