Chatbot Provides Autopilot Services


Chatbot Provides Autopilot Services

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This chatbot stands for chatter bot or robot that will reply to chats with certain contents. Usually the massage through the chat that will be replied is not too heavy discussion, although it is also heavy this chat robot will reply according to the keywords that have been entered by the site manager.

The existence of a robot or a similar machine is really needed by the company. Given every day there will be very many customers who want to consult. Especially if the start-up company will certainly have consumers who want to know more about the company. These Bots are very closely related to artificial intelligence that has been developed so far.

With the development of artificial intelligence, chatbot emerges, where this chatterbot will make it easier for companies to manage all of their customer services. There is no need to hire more workers just to accept consumer complaints. Because with this bot the company can comb all the needs of consumers and then solve them.

Development of Chatbot

The chatbot journey began in 1950 where Alan Turing presented an article on computing machinery and intelligence. From there then began to be known programming language about artificial intelligence about conversation. This is also related to the trials he has done or better known as the touring test.

Where there is deeper research related to artificial intelligence programs with written conversations. So how can this interaction be done by artificial intelligence with humans. Is it up to be able to get a reasonable response in general human conversation. Or still too standard.

Maybe Alan Turing is the father of the worldwide chatbot. Because with the trials he was able to awaken this bot bot until now. During its development, this chatterbot may still be very many shortcomings. Moreover, in terms of the output capability that will be provided by the artificial intelligence.

When responding to various inputs given by the consumer. But gradually the results that have been given are always getting better every day. This can be seen directly from the chatterbot’s ability to respond to conversations in writing until now. Even mobile operators have also begun to use artificial intelligence as a way to respond to consumer complaints.

Chatbot in the Present
After a long development chatbot seems to be getting more leverage in its operation. Even so many consumers and people are more comfortable when using chatterbot for the sake of complaints complaints. This is what then makes chatterbot as one of the right choices for companies.

In its development also the company uses a lot of input to get the results of conversations in good writing. Although the limits that can be understood by bots will always be limited unlike when there is a conversation between humans. But still the benefits will be the same.

The most significant model of chatbot is depression 2.0. where this robot can apply a variety of basic psychology to the speaker. Maybe the chatterbot program that uses this version is specifically for sufferers of psychological disorders such as depression, stress and so forth.

If you talk about the development of this chatterbot you will always be amazed. Because in the past chatterbot was only used for simple conversation input. But now almost all the needs of consumers with services can be obtained through this artificial intelligence program.


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