Homogeneity of Groups


Homogeneity of Groups

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Homogeneity can be understood as one of the factors that influence integration. Homogeneity itself means the similarity of various factors in a community. So when the level of similarity is low there will be an integration. No matter it happens within a company or the general public.

Because this is very much related to social interactions that will be carried out every day. For example, a Sundanese tribe is a guest in the Batak area. He wants to or not he must use Indonesian to be understood by people. Then this can be understood as one of integration.

Whereas when the homogeneity graph is more complex. So to achieve an integration would be difficult. Because it must unite various differences within the community. So it is natural if anyone considers homogeneity as one of the successes of this integration in a company.

Geographic Mobility Determinants of Integration
Actually a company that has high mobility will require better integration. So the factor of geographical mobility is also one of the reasons for this integration. Of course mobility will be a determining factor. Because the company will deal with various differences out there.

Especially if the company will be faced with various differences in the times that exist in the world. So whether or not the company must do this integration action. Although sometimes in its implementation is still very minimal. Because integration is not as easy as imagined.


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