Integration and Its Application in Corporate Business


Integration and Its Application in Corporate Business

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Integration in the Indonesian dictionary itself can be understood as fusion or unity. In the business world, this word can be interpreted as the unification of various policies to make the company more developed. It can also be understood that an update made by a company to make a policy more appropriate for all elements.

Integration is very closely related to regulations that will and certainly apply to a company. So the main link of integration is the making of various policies by the government. Given the world will always develop with a variety of diversity. Advances in information technology are also the main reason for this integration.

There are also those who understand integration as something in the social environment. This integration is called social integration. Actually within the company also often happens this social integration. But in reality, the company owner will be responsible for its development. So the employees do not need to worry about it, we will clearly be more in-depth regarding integration in the company.

Drivers of Integration in the Company

It seems incomplete when discussing integration, without also discussing factors that influence or drive it. Actually, this integration problem is also quite complex. Especially in this era that is very identical with globalization. Then there will be very many factors that influence it.

The first thing that affects integration in a company is self-awareness as an internal factor. Of course this self-awareness is a basic basis as a social creature. With a variety of workers who work in a company. There will definitely be integration, willing or not. Forced or not, surely that will happen.

Furthermore, the driving factor for integration is demand demands. The need here is the need to carry out daily obligations. Like running a job or interacting with fellow workers. Examples of its application in a company are as determined through the use of Indonesian.

So that when carrying out their obligations the workers do not confuse because they have differences of opinion when using local languages. This is where the owner of the company must be clever as well as firm to determine policies that can benefit the workers therein. Don’t make a wrong integration decision.

The last internal factor that influences integration in a company is because of the soul and the desire for mutual assistance or mutual assistance. By being forced then everyone involved must be able to unite opinion and language. In order to occur elegant cooperation within the company.

External Factors That Will Affect Integration
Of course there will be external factors that influence this integration process. The first external factor is the demands of the times. He demands that development be an external factor that integration can occur. Because the times will force a business or company to change.

Companies that cannot afford to survive in the midst of this age will find it easier to collapse and lose competitiveness. Then the times must be considered when your company wants to do an integration. So that the company can develop well.

Next is the existence of cultural similarity. For example, in a company that has a lot of tribes and races that work. To provide fair policies for all employees. Then the company’s management will draw conclusions from all to establish a fair policy.

Then another external factor that influences integration is the more open opportunities to partition everyone. From here it must be very clear that this comes from gender equality as well as other things. Where every person must have the same rights in a community.

Then the other factor is the similarity in vision and mission when it enters the company. Every employee who is bound or uncertain must carry out the company’s vision and mission. So that every obligation and right of a worker can run well. Then it is necessary to do a business integration.


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